The Lure of the Beast: Hammer Horror

On the run up to the most important holiday of the year, Black Sunday will be running a range of features on the great British institute that is Hammer Horror. To start this off I will tell you about my history with Hammer, why I love it so much and why it plays a big part in my life.

As a child I enjoyed cartoons just like any other kid but I also loved watching horror films too. My Mother was and still is a big Christopher Lee fan and so it was obvious that I would fall into watching the classic horror films that she saw as a teenager! Unfortunately this is frowned upon by many parents as some believe that such films can drive people to violence and even murder but I knew it wasn’t real and I never wanted to hurt a living thing – although my excitement rose towards Halloween every year when I dressed up as a vampire!!
It must be said that a lot of films and TV programmes I watched as a child seem pretty lame these days but the only thing that remains as great as the day I saw it is the Hammer films. Some may disagree but it beats the awful torture and shock films of today that’s for sure. I am not into films that feature long scenes of torture and gore – if there needs to be gore then I need a damn good storyline to support it otherwise I am simply not interested. Hammer Horror gore is minimal and subtle, the blood is so red there is no way on earth we could take it too seriously! The nice thing about the Hammer Horror films is that they do have great story lines  lovable rogues, attractive ladies and strong male leads – Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt to name just a few.
Hammer Horror has also been responsible for my esoteric education. Ever since I watched The Devil Rides Out I have had my head in books for many years about the Occult. This has left quite the impression on me with regards to my writing career and my education (I studied Film within University).
So, now you know a little more about my life with Hammer Horror please do keep checking back for the features…
Until next time…

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