REVIEW: Fedor Kahlil Kramer – The Wake of Urizen

kramerfront2014Bursts of Lynch, Hawkwind inspired whispers and hypnotic soundscapes – this is a rather impressive album that blends quite a few of the classic sounds into one neatly and finely produced piece.

Each track draws on the very laid back progressive and psychedelic vibe. It is a more of a visionary trip than just an album, a darkened and smokey room with this playing on a good stereo or earphones would definitely allow you to drift to another place.

It is a reminder of how the late sixties and early seventies sounds to us. The world of Hawkwind and Gong ringing in our ears, this has brought it up to date but left the trademark sounds in there to remind us of who the forefathers were yet it has rather a personal touch, a very personal album.

It is definitely worth mentioning the packaging too. Featuring some very dark artwork with the CD fashioned into a record – a very nice touch indeed.

For videos and much more please visit the website -

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