Zine Review: Woof! Dog Eat Cinema Magazine #2


Self-publishing is wonderful, you have no boundaries, no rules but sometimes I feel like I don’t get to read everything out there that will satisfy my needs. A lot of distros don’t sell fiction, fanzines or poetry publications which leads you to social networking and trawling Etsy for writers, poets and artists. These are all the things I adore. So, when I received Woof Magazine…I was looking forward to seeing what this offered. There was promise of weird, trashy, sleazy content. I was excited.

It’s rather refreshing to read something as smutty and filthy as Woof! You see, this what I like in a publication, I want to be entertained, disgusted and amused. The mag certainly does achieve this on all sorts of levels. Satisfying my love for werewolves to random stories about shooting a porno? Ten out of ten.

It is A5 in size with a nice glossy colour cover, its innards are black and white with a nice simple layout that is put together with aesthetics and readability kept in mind.The weird art kind of reminds me of that mad Goth genius in school that used to draw all over his school books. It’s very cool indeed.

If you are looking for laughter, sleaze and a huge move away from mainstream verbal diarrhoea we read in the national magazines and newspapers then this is the rag for you.

email to get your copy

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