Review: Serial Killers Unite Zine

sku8_lgA nicely made A5 zine, Serial Killers Unite is a great little publication and is a refreshing read. Each issue has been furnished with snippets about serial killers together with a letter from them to the (I am guessing) editor of the zine.Some of the letters are quite mundane and get rather boring but some are pretty interesting and indulge some rather graphic details.

What you read is fascinating and quite disturbing but being the numb individual that I am, I have read it all before. You see, the reason I bought a bundle of these zines is because I am a massive true crime fan. I have spent years reading about the most horrific crimes and even wrote my university dissertation about Ed Gein and horror films, a morbid fascination of sorts that I have never grown out of.

To have a zine featuring solely based on serial killers is very exciting as I am always looing for a meaty zine (no pun intended)

So here it is, my new favourite rag!

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