Poetry: When It Becomes Real by PJ Carmichael

When It Becomes Real

The John Waters look-alike speaks
on consumerism, condemning the American
way and discussing effective communication.
Reminds me of the irony of the
homeless population seeking shelter
in ATM alcoves.
The mind wanders from Boston
to the graveyard, covered in slush
and tire tracks. An environment of
frigid conditions dictates the
unforeseen future.
No longer is an early death
deemed desirable. There is more
to be learned, analyzed, synthesized,
passed on to the kids of tomorrow.
However, in the days of youth,
rational discourse is overrun
by passionate impulses; logic
gives way to emotional longings.
The depth of such
strivings is lost
in the bright lights
and television commercials.

11149568_10206176611595720_3940076518603340286_nPJ Carmichael is a writer, zinester, artist, and devout humanist from Wakefield, Massachusetts. His work has been featured in Detour zine, Route 2 Literary Magazine, Infinite Scroll, and various other zines. He loves  nature, skateboarding, biking, and his dog.

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