Zine Review: The X Files Rainy Day Activity Book

The X Files, wasn’t that the greatest programme? Ok, so there was Twin Peaks but for weird and wonderful it was pretty unbeatable.

With its return has come a real excitement including some new fans, which is brilliant – those boxsets will be flying off the shelves. So, how did it feel when an X Files zine came my way?

Well. Let me tell you.

The usual trawl through Etsy takes me to some rather interesting and sometimes bloody awful places but this was very exciting. This rather awesome X Files Activity book has been put together by Pizza Eaters (zines and pizza lovers no less) based in London and is absolutely crammed with colouring pages, dot to dot, word search, odd one out and much more – all perfect for a rainy day.

Measuring  6”x4” and weighing in at 18 pages, this sweet little tribute to one of the best 90’s programmes is one of the best things to come through the letterbox! Oh and the cover is my favourite episode creature EVER!

Check out their Etsy store for more zines!

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