Spotlight on Exotique Magazine

Forget the women with their overly tanned bodies and bleach blonde hair spreading themselves across a millionaire’s floor in Hollywood, let’s look back to a time when erotica was cheeky and sexy. Where high heels, stockings and a devilish grin left more to the imagination than opening up a magazine and seeing every piece of a woman’s anatomy. I am talking about Exotique Magazine.


Exotique was a specialized fetish magazine owned by Leonard Burtman, it ran between 1955 and 1959, producing 36 issues. It is important to note at this particular point that it didn’t feature any pornographic content as it was purely devoted to fetish fashion and culture. Images including ladies dressed up in corsets, rubber, leather, nylon stockings, garters and high heels. The magazine featured written pieces (for those who can prize their eyes away from the pictures) and some really nice illustrations. It famously featured pin up queen Bettie Page and Leonard’s wife Tana Louise.

Due to its content, Leonard was arrested for producing the magazines and all the materials were confiscated, this then led to the publication shutting down in 1953 but this didn’t stop him, in the 1960s he went on to publish more fetish magazines.

Thankfully, the magazines are still available to buy in the shape of a Taschen boxset of books available from Amazon and you can also view them online via


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