Album Review: Suede – Night Thoughts


Suede have been on the scene for many years now. Albums have come and gone, some have become iconic pieces of our teenage history and others have been dismissed but this is different. 2016 is a special year for Suede with the release of Night Thoughts – a beautiful cinematic piece of work that stands on the edge of eerie and conjures up sounds of the past.

Night Thoughts is a tight album as it drifts through ethereal sounds to more edgy tracks – always testing and always pushing – Brett Anderson’s voice is a component on this album that, without it, would become something completely different – it is truly unique and proves that Suede have returned and on fabulous form. The album is intoxicating and as each track leads into the next, it is a whirlpool of emotions with such tracks as “I Can’t Give Her What She Wants”, “When You Are Young” and “Night Thoughts”. Echoes of the past, dark passages and haunting vocals – whether you are new to Suede or whether Coming Up was the album for you – I suggest you listen to this today.

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