Review: Fix The Ministry Movie


Fix is one of those documentaries that you won’t forget in a hurry. No, hang on… ever. It is a very brutal assault on the senses from start to finish which pretty much sums up Al Jourgensen. It is a rock and roll tour film that hits you between the eyes –  the music, the people and of course…the drugs. There are a hell of a lot of drugs. If you are easily offended or just a pussy for rock and roll then don’t bother with this.

Fix is a very graphic look at Ministry on tour in 1996 which heavily focuses on Al’s drug addiction. What is interesting about the formula of the film is how Al is reigning supreme at first. He is always pushing the boundaries of rock and roll and in his own words “getting paid to be me” it’s all great, it’s inspiring and makes you fall in love with the band’s ethos even more. With people such as Lemmy, Trent Reznor, Dave Navarro in the film – everyone has good things to say about him but there is a universal realisation that he has a problem. No-one is a saint in this and they openly admit they’re not – the honesty is pretty admirable. As we move on though the film, it starts to become more of an assault on Al and his drug taking and we are subjected to graphic drug taking and violent outbursts. It’s a warts and all account of life on the road with Ministry and at times can be pretty hard to watch especially if you like roast chicken. What? I hear you say? Get off the internet and watch it…



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