Film Review: One More Time With Feeling. Dir: Andrew Dominik (2016)


One More Time With Feeling is a unique documentary directed by Andrew Dominik (Chopper, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Killing Them Softly).  Its lack of self-indulgence that is usually brought with a music documentary is actually a heart wrenching and beautiful piece of celluloid. As we are taken on a journey of the making of the new album, The Skeleton Tree, we are taken down a path paved in sadness. The original concept for the documentary was performance based but due to the death of Arthur Cave, Nick and Susie’s son, it became something else – something more tragic. It is hard to see the family at such a low but it is even more surprising that they allowed themselves to be filmed. Maybe this was part of the grieving process. To talk about it. To explore it. To carry on with life. To keep on going. It is hard to know what to say as everyone deals with death very differently. It is also hard to watch it from a cinema seat. You want to reach out and hold them.


Beautifully shot in both 2D and 3D, recording it in the latter seems a strange idea to use for a film that doesn’t include expensive explosions. It brings everyone to life and gives you the feeling of being in the same room watching them work. It’s truly captivating.

The album is debuted within the film and each and every song yanks at the heart strings, fully charged with emotion and continues in the same vein as their previous Push The Sky Away.

The film is simply so beautiful it speaks for itself. You must watch it for yourself and be enveloped in its fragility from start to finish.

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