Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide To Eccentric Glamour – Dita Von Teese


I discovered Dita in the late nineties as I was trawling though the internet (yes the slow AOL dial up).  I was searching for photographs of Bettie Page. She came up as a Bettie lookalike and was something I had never seen before. I was used to seeing tanned skin, badly done boob jobs, long stripper nails and bleached hair. Here was someone who went the complete opposite and was sexy yet her own woman, had her own style and broke the rules. From that day on I followed her career. Having read her other books I was excited to see Your beauty Mark. Her writing is down to earth yet seductive, she embodies enchantment and tells a wonderful tale of how she went from Heather to Dita. A persona that would take her to the heights of stardom.

There are two sides to creating a persona. The first is the badly tanned body, the hair colour that doesn’t suit you, conforming to fashion that doesn’t suit you and dressing badly when you body shape disagrees with a short skirt and high heels. The second is Dita. At no point has Dita plucked her eyebrows so thinly they are barely there (a la Greta Garbo), nor has she worn clothes that do not suit her figure, she doesn’t follow trends but she chooses what she likes and doesn’t wait for Vogue to tell her what’s hot this season. She may enjoy luxury items but they are usually handmade to her specifications. Doesn’t this sound better? Well, you don’t need a lot of money to do the latter. You need confidence and a bit of creativity.

For a long time ladies (and gentlemen) have been told what to wear. The media put fear into the hearts of everyone, the threat of not being accepted is thrust upon you as early as your teen years. Along the way there have been many people who simply ignore this or just don’t notice it at all. These outcasts have been called eccentrics. There have been two main reactions to the eccentric. The first is the disapproving look and the other is the secretly envious person who didn’t realise that black hair on a blonde person could look so damn striking. Both of these are great reactions because it is telling people; yes I am different and I look damn good doing it.


Image: Dita Von Teese

Be who you want to be. If you adore the glamour of the 1940’s then why not get yourself on Pinterest and grab every image you can, inspire yourself to create the person that lies dormant inside. Why are you dormant? Work? Family? Friends? The day you walk out of the door as yourself will be the start of a new life. You must enhance your looks in any way you feel fit. Fed up of natural eyes? Grab that black eyeliner and create a seductive cat eye, hate your straight hair? Get some curling wands on them…the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the true you. The rule would only be to create a look that suits you; we are talking about enhancing and bringing glamour into your life not going under cover for the police. Lastly, you must do it for you and you only. Whether you are stunningly beautiful or you feel you are a plain Jane, you can create an eccentric glamorous you.

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