Playful Promises Launches The Bettie Page Lingerie Line



This November, lingerie brand Playful Promises will be launching an official lingerie line inspired by Bettie Page.

The designer behind Playful Promises, Emma Parker, has always taken inspiration from retro and vintage lingerie; recreating them for the modern pin-up. One of her biggest creative influences are the styles of the 40s and 50s, so creating a true vintage-inspired line under the name of one of her icons, Bettie Page, is something Emma will revel in. Bettie Page epitomises the Playful Promises brand; cheeky, provocative and naughty.

The first line will be launched in November, and will reflect both the cute, cheesecake pin-up side of Bettie Page, as well as the darker, fetish side of Bettie – both equally iconic. Playful Promises have been researching vintage suspender belts, briefs, girdles and bras to re-create authentic vintage silhouettes. The collection will include a corsolette, overwire bras, 6-strap suspender belts and boudoir gloves.


Bettie Page was famous for saying “I was never the girl next door” and this is wonderfully concise way of saying I don’t need to conform. I do my own thing. This statement and confidence is something that women today still live by and strive for – to not be defined by pre-conceptions of how women should behave. Playful Promises wish to project this strong message through this new endeavour with Bettie Page.

In addition to being available on the Bettie Page website, the Bettie Page by Playful Promises collection will be available for wholesale, and in-store at the first Bettie Page store opening in Santa Monica, California. You can keep up with the Bettie Page Lingerie line on Instagram and Facebook.


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