Black Sunday Halloween Albums 2016

Halloween will soon be upon us and it is time to dress up, light those candles and get the party started (all of which we do anyway but that is just us). To celebrate this wonderful time of the year we have put together ten of our favourite albums that are in no particular order, to play in your crypt on Halloween. Here goes…

Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath

Its opening song starts with a haunting church bell and the sound of rain; do we need to say any more? Black Sabbath are well known for their thick doomy riffs and their occult themed songs and imagery – the perfect soundtrack for Halloween.


In the Flat Field by Bauhaus

The sound of Peter Murphy’s voice just sends shivers down my spine like a corpse whispering in my ear. This has to be one of my favourite Bauhaus albums. I say one of because this is like asking me to pick my favourite ghost child – don’t you think?


Sisters of Mercy – Floodland

I have heard tracks from this album more times in goth clubs than any other band. I absolutely love their dark harmonies and with Andrew Eldritch’s melancholic voice that floats into your ears and stay in your mind for days. A perfect accompaniment to Halloween or any other day if you are so darkly inclined.


Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral

If you want a truly horrific album to play on Halloween then you have come to the right playlist. This album chronicles a man’s beginnings to his suicide attempt; pretty dark matter but it gets better. The album itself was recorded at the home of Sharon Tate when she was brutally murdered by the Manson family. Think we can leave that there.


Dead Can Dance – Within the Realm of the Dying Sun

Dead Can Dance is for me, a perfectly beautiful duo in the world of music. Lisa Gerard’s soaring vocals carry me through ethereal worlds and Parisian graveyards. This particular album has a real beauty to it that haunted me the first time I heard it. It still does and is especially effective at midnight with a single candle to light your way.


Killing Joke – Pandemonium

Killing Joke is certainly a staple in the dark side of the rock genre. Pandemonium is up there with one of the favourites. This particular album kicks back after a hiatus; it’s heavy and catchy and more importantly it launched them back into a world they had helped create. We love them.


Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe

We couldn’t not put some heavy metal horror boogie on the list. Rob Zombie as I am sure everyone will know is a huge horror fan and he brings this to his music. This being one of the better Rob Zombie albums, I think this would make a rather excellent foot stompin’ head banging addition to any party list.


The Cure – Disintegration

This album is perfection. It is a dark piece of work that for me, says everything about the genius of the band. Of course, their repertoire is rather gloomy but this album is just wonderful. Just stick on the video to Lullaby and scare everyone with Robert Smith’s cannibalistic spider. Halloween sorted.


John Carpenter’s Halloween Soundtrack

Have you ever sat in a darkened room with this soundtrack on? No? Ok that is just me then. Well I have and after all these years and after all the times I have watched the film, the soundtrack still send shivers up my spine. No list would be complete without this absolute masterpiece that I believe can never be beaten. John Carpenter is certainly one- of-a-kind.


Nick Cave – Murder Ballads

I think the title says it all when it comes to why this album has been put on the list. Who wouldn’t want to rock out to an entire album dedicated to murder and death? With the down right rude and lewd Stagger Lee as a favourite, it is just a deadly feast to pick from.



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